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developerský projekt luxent


With the establishment of the non-public Luxent Capital Fund, the Luxent Group has expanded its portfolio for people closely related to the fund’s management. The real estate agency Luxent - Exclusive Properties is the fundamental pillar and has been operating on the Czech market since 2008. It has gradually become one of the most important players in the exclusive real estate market, having so far completed more than 1,000 large real estate transactions. The company provides a comprehensive range of services: mediation of sales, and the purchase and lease of luxury residential, historic, and commercial real estate throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. It also provides legal, investment, financial, and project consulting as well as marketing and analytical services.

„The next step in the development of the Luxent Group is to realize our own development projects. A fund is managed by Luxent Capital Funds with the intention of fulfilling this goal. Real estate is currently one of the safest investments. Real estate prices are still rising and show low volatility. Our many years of experience and know-how, 100% transparency, carefully selected attractive projects with high investment potential, sophisticated development strategy, highly liquid assets, and the possibility of collective investment are all reasons to invest with our fund. We are able to diversify risk, and we have a solution for our partners that will provide them with stable and above-standard returns in the real estate market.“ Emil Kasarda, owner of the Luxent Group and partner in Luxent Capital Funds.

developerský projekt luxent

Luxent Capital Funds was established pursuant to Section 15 of Act No. 240/2013 Coll. on investment companies and investment funds. It operates on the basis of registration with the CNB and can manage funds up to EUR 500 million.

The fund manager is the company Luxent Capital Funds s.r.o. (Ltd.), which has two executives: Mgr. Jiří Kučera and Ing. Jiří Valenta, who are also minority partners. Other partners are Emil Kasarda and Ing. Lubomír Nymburský, MBA.

Basic information about the fund

Instruments and assets into which the fund invests:

  • real estate (apartments, residential and non-residential units, land, other buildings and related premises), including their components and accessories
  • purchase, sale, and realization of development projects
  • ownership interests in companies in the real estate market

Investment horizon: the recommended length is min. 5 years.


Our goal is to provide investors with permanent appreciation of their entrusted funds of the Common Portfolio according to a sophisticated investment strategy: especially in the form of direct and indirect investments in real estate (buildings, structures, apartment units and non-residential premises, including the reconstruction of real estate and land). The total share of investments in real estate is min. 80% of the entrusted funds.

In real estate, we invest in suitable real estate assets primarily in the form of residential houses, apartment units, and land intended for the construction of residential buildings located in the Czech Republic. When selecting real estate assets, we place emphasis on the location of real estate, where, considering the development of the real estate market situation, one can assume an appreciation of invested funds in the short or medium term.

When acquiring real estate for the purpose of their further appreciation, sale, and lease, we use the following procedures in particular:

  • purchase of real estate and movables from owners
  • purchase of real estate and movables from public auctions, foreclosures and insolvency
  • acquisition and sale of cooperative shares in housing cooperatives and acquisition of residential or non-residential units in privatization
  • refinancing of loans and credits (including mortgage loans)
  • reconstruction of real estate located in the Common Portfolio
  • division of buildings located in the Common Portfolio into residential and non-residential units
  • realization of real estate construction
  • sale and rental of real estate and movables

Selected trading techniques


Methods that we use to reduce risk include diversifying the Common Portfolio and meeting the investment horizon. Nonetheless, the fund administrator wishes to warn investors that trading in investment instruments, investment and other assets is risky and is mainly subject to market, liquidity, and credit risk. The administrator is not responsible for the development of the market value of investment instruments, investment assets, and other assets in which it has invested, nor for the development of income from them. The investor acknowledges the possibility of a reduction in the value of the funds entrusted to the administrator and that the administrator is not responsible for any reduction in value. The loss from investing in investment instruments, or to investment and other assets in the Common Portfolio, may reach the amount initially invested.

Expected return

The planned minimum yield is 5% p.a. with the aim of stabilizing it at above 10% p.a.

Instruments and assets that we invest into

In order to achieve the investment goal, we invest mainly in the following assets:



Real estate is one of the most stable business sectors; this makes it one of the usual basic pillars of long-term investment. It guarantees investors a very good return on invested funds with a relatively low level of risk. In addition, the prices of luxury real estate projects in attractive locations are constantly rising even during the coronavirus crisis. Demand exceeds supply – and such truly top-notch properties will quickly find their buyers.


Your investment gains the best value in cooperation with a knowledgeable and loyal partner who has the know-how, high expertise, and a realistic view of the situation on the real estate market. The shareholders of Luxent Capital Funds have been operating on the real estate market for many years and have experience with dozens of premium real estate projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.


The key to the success of any project is a correct analysis which is used as the basis for development project’s strategy. Luxent – Exclusive Properties, a member of the Luxent Group, has been in the industry for more than 10 years; collaborating with developers to create a successful project strategy is one of its domains. The Luxent Capital Funds fund is used to elaborate development strategies down to the smallest detail – from the correct choice of location, through the apartment structure design and determination of its layout, to the final design proposal.

developerský projekt luxent


Thanks to our deep knowledge of the real estate market in the area of luxury residential and commercial real estate, we are able to prepare and, in cooperation with our partners, realize development projects that have high investment potential and a high probability of successful return on your investment.


The premium and stress properties which are typical assets of Luxent Capital Funds are easily traded on the real estate market.

developerský projekt luxent


Investing through the fund allows individual investors to participate in larger investment units (construction of large projects, purchase of commercial real estate).


We believe in complete transparency towards our investors and partners. We value their trust and want them to have an overview of the invested funds. This includes, among other things, half-yearly reports on the fund’s performance and the fund’s annual reports. Thanks to the client zone on this website, investors are able to supervise their investments and can communicate directly with the fund manager.


We invest in exclusive real estate in Prague as well as throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. The spectrum of our portfolio is very wide – luxury apartments and exclusive villas as well as quality standard apartments in district cities, and premium offices. Since we do not focus only on a single location or single real estate segment, we diversify the risk and thus protect your investments from possible temporary fluctuations.


Premium real estate clients today have become increasingly demanding. They no longer focus their attention only on the property itself, but also on additional services, such as property management. This is the focus of Luxent Facility, a member of the Luxent Group that Luxent Capital Funds works closely with.

developerský projekt luxent


Based on the decision of the Czech National Bank No. 2021/023698/CNB/570 of 3 March 2021, the “Administrator” is a person registered in the list of persons referred to in Section 15, Paragraph 1 of Act No. 240/2013 Coll. on investment companies and investment funds. The Administrator and the performance of its activities are not subject to the supervision of the Czech National Bank.
The fund is intended for qualified investors.





Luxent wants to implement its development projects - it establishes the real estate fund Luxent Capital Fund
Luxent wants to implement its development projects - it establishes the real estate fund Luxent Capital Fund
The Luxent Group, whose basic pillar is the real estate agency Luxent – Exclusive Properties, wants to start developing its projects. To finance them, ie safely invest in high-quality premium real estate, it establishes a non-public real estate fund managed by Luxent Capital Funds.
The "covid period" hardly affects the exclusive real estate market
Looking back on 2020 will forever be associated with a coronavirus pandemic. How did it affect the exclusive real estate market? Not significantly. The supply-demand ratio is balanced in the case of the luxury segment, this situation is stable and persists despite the epidemic.
How to buy or sell a luxury property?
How to buy or sell a luxury property?
Orientation in the luxury real estate market is not a complete toy. The luxury segment, which includes unusual apartments and houses in prestigious locations, forms a specific part of the domestic residential market. And it has its specific requirements.

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